Setting off…

I’m just about to start the road trip of a lifetime across Canada and the US with my partner, who shall remain anonymous (let’s call him P). We’re gonna pick up a car in Toronto, driving first up to Montréal, Québec City and then through New Brunswick (which we’ll just pass through) to Nova Scotia. There, we’ll stay in a couple of cabins before heading back to Toronto.

Once we’re back in Toronto, we’ll switch cars (for top-secret reasons) and start our drive to the west coast. Our stops on the way will include Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay in Ontario, Winnipeg (from which we’ll make a detour to “New Iceland”) in Manitoba, Regina in Saskatchewan, Calgary and Banff National Park in Alberta, and Kamloops in Nova Scotia before ending up in Vancouver.

From Vancouver, we’ll head south down the west coast. In Oregon, we’ll stop in Seattle, Portland and Ashland. Then we’ll make our way to Eureka, California before driving down to San Francisco. After San Francisco our plans are not set in stone, but we need to get back to Toronto somehow with the car.

Right now we’re planning to go Salt Lake City – Denver – Kansas City – St. Louis – Chicago – Detroit – Toronto. We might shuffle around our plans for the first part of that leg, however, so we can make it to the Grand Canyon.

We’ve been on our trip for about two weeks so far. We started off with a wedding in Burlington, Ontario, which was a great initiation into Canadian culture. Then we spent a couple of nights in Toronto before heading to New York for a week. Last night, we landed back in Toronto and in a few days we’ll set off for Montréal. I’ll post about our trip to New York, including pictures, later on!

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